06 Feb

While I’ve been away

I haven’t been posting here on my website lately, but I am writing every day, as a Featured Blogger for BAM, under EdWords. Check out my blog posts I’m sure you will enjoy. 

My last blog was about Dr. Seuss, and Read Across America, The NEA’s signature project, each year celebrating Dr. Seuss birthday.

Get ready for a grand Seussitastical party celebration, March 2nd!

On a less joyous, but hopeful note, NAEP (National Assessment of Educational Progress) the Nation’s Report Card, released ’15 scores in reading and math. I just finished a blog about this. Be sure to check it out!

Reading scores are way down for fourth, eighth and twelfth graders. 34, 36 and 38 percentiles for proficiency are not acceptable. No Child Left Behind is finally gone, with ESSA, Every Child Succeeds Act, its replacement.

I am hopeful our nation’s children finally receive the education they deserve. This means teachers need the resources necessary to make that happen. And I strongly recommend we pick up missing pieces and fill in the gaps.

It’s simply a perfect time to check out my blog posts on BAM! and my book Reading Champs! Teaching Reading Made Easy.

There are a lot of left-behind children who would really benefit from the mini-lessons. Not a cover to cover beach read. Just pick it up, and in a couple pages per chapter you get a systematic sequence for teaching the fundamental skills of reading.

Pick out your favorite blogs from 60 here on my website. Several have printables. Enjoy the wide variety of inspirational, practical, thought provoking titles.

On Twitter @RitaWirtz and Facebook, too.

Let me know how I may assist you with your literacy efforts. I promise to get back to you.

Leaving footprints on your reading hearts, Rita

3 Responses to Check out my posts on BAM! Radio Network, EDWords

  1. Bonnie McCalllum-Bicker

    March 11, 2016 at 2:32 am

    Dearest Rita,
    “This is your life!” And I’m one of those voices… Remember when you used to have to go somewhere to print the material for your booklets? You were just starting to travel with a trunk. You’d run in and leave what you needed printed and colated as you still had about a hundred things to do before your flight. I’d try to be a calm spot inbecome famouse storm, make you smile or cheer you on and tell you how amazing I thought you were. ( still do ) When it wasn’t quite that hectic we’d visit. My mom was in special ed so I had some insight on what you were working toward. Ring any bells yet?
    How about if I say I warned you about air pollution stacking up at pioneer house and Shingle Springs altitude? LOL I made this WAY to obscure. This is Bonnie from Mr.Locksmithey! So great to find you. I’ve looked off and on for ahem! No need to mention how long it’s really been. I never could understand why I couldn’t find you, I kept expecting you’d become famous and pop up on tv. So glad you’ve done a book! Anyway I’d love to catch up. I don’t do Facebook but plain old email works. Phone too but will send number after we have a more direct contact. Hope to hear back from you soon! Still a huge fan; the world needs more Ritas!
    Love Bonnie

    • rwirtz

      March 13, 2016 at 10:24 pm

      This is so meaningful! I lost Bill four years ago. I taught 30+ needy kids at my house, including hungry Miwok children. Moved to be by one of my kids and family. Yes, I am still teaching after 45 years, in a variety of ways. Famous? I just hope to leave a legacy. I donated every penny I ever made to children, classrooms and schools. It is a calling. I actually wrote a lot of books and publications, but this time I learned my mac (sort of), social media and only make limited special appearances. I spend most of my time with Gus, my last big poodle, my children and society’s children who are so smart but over-tested and stressed. Learning social media was my salvation after leaving my beautiful property in the mountains, but Bill is guarding the pond and watching the geese and other critters. Thank you so much for your heartwarming letter. Warmly, Rta

      • Bonnie McCalllum-Bicker

        March 15, 2016 at 3:41 am

        Dear Rita,
        I’m so sorry to hear about Bill. I know it becomes more difficult the older we get to pick up and relocate. I have no doubt you handled it with aplomb! I can tell you’re still the same ball of creative energy I remember so fondly. It was that charge and just pure joy I remember you getting whenever you had a good teaching experience. (I think Its part of what makes you special.) I think I once shared my mom had saying being a SELPA Dir.allowed her to effect the education of far more children than she ever imagined. I’m sure you have made a difference for many tens of thousands. No one can be as passionate about teaching as you are and be in it for the money. On the other hand if you were paid as much as you’ve actually earned you really would be the Suze Orman of reading educators. The only reason that didn’t happen is that good old life isn’t fair thing.
        Anyway, writing has never been my strong suit so I hope it comes across that you are a very memorable lady who I like alot, respect the hell out of and NOT a (nut) nutty fan letter! 🙂
        I’m glad you have a poodle pal. I remember a big bouncy ball of chocolate curly fur. I want to call him Andy but I don’t think that’s right and who could forget Frizzy! 🙂
        Cliff and I will celebrate 35yrs together this fall. We still have a collection of feline friends, all rescues. I’m glad you’re near family and how lucky in such a great city! I know how busy you used to stay; I’m sure that hasn’t changed but if you have the time I’d love to catch up in more depth.
        Best regards, always Bonnie

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