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06 Feb

While I’ve been away I haven’t been posting here on my website lately, but I am writing every day, as a Featured Blogger for BAM, under EdWords. Check out my blog posts I’m sure you will enjoy.  My last blog was about Dr. Seuss, and Read Across America, The NEA’s signature project, each year celebrating Dr. Seuss birthday. Get ready for a grand Seussitastical party celebration, March 2nd! On a less joyous, but hopeful note, NAEP (National Assessment of Educational Progress)…..

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 A Seussitastical Celebration—Save the Date!
16 Feb

  Two of my grandkids have Valentine’s birthdays; we’re getting ready in Eugene for an old-fashioned at-home toddleriffic four-years-old party. But there is a really big, Seussitastical birthday celebration coming up and we need to start getting ready for that, too! March 2, the National Education Association’s annual Read Across America Day, honors Dr. Seuss each year on his birthday. I love classic Dr. Seuss books! Each one is filled with colorful, creative, magical, really cool characters. The fabulous illustrations are exciting for children and stimulate interesting conversation and writing……

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