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06 Feb

While I’ve been away I haven’t been posting here on my website lately, but I am writing every day, as a Featured Blogger for BAM, under EdWords. Check out my blog posts I’m sure you will enjoy.  My last blog was about Dr. Seuss, and Read Across America, The NEA’s signature project, each year celebrating Dr. Seuss birthday. Get ready for a grand Seussitastical party celebration, March 2nd! On a less joyous, but hopeful note, NAEP (National Assessment of Educational Progress)…..

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20 Apr

Teaching is the greatest job imaginable! As teachers, at school and home we affect generations of children. All kids learn best differently, yet become capable, confident readers and learners when we make that happen. Lately I’ve been reading about many teachers wanting to pack up and leave the profession. CoolCat Teacher Vicki Davis, in an eloquent article laments she is tired and shares her exhaustion and concerns about her leadership role mentoring thousands of teachers, online and real time. My…..

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