10 Oct

Welcome. You have come to this blog for a reason, and there’s never been a better time than right now. Maybe you are looking for a way to help someone learn to read more effectively or perhaps the Common Core standards seem unreachable. Whatever the reason, you are in the right place.

It’s true there are many how-to-teach-reading titles on the internet. Most of these are strong on theory, which is great if you are a professional teacher. Reading Champs focuses on the fundamental skills that anyone needs to know to teach someone else to read or read better. Reading programs come and go, but skills remain the same.

This blog is an open grassroots forum for us to discuss your most pressing questions or concerns about topics of interest to you. I will be writing at least weekly, to expand and personalize what’s in my book. I’ll also offer time-tested shortcuts and interventions.

Many families are rediscovering reading. The sheer joy of reading together is a beautiful shared experience. Whether you are studying together for enrichment purposes, homework help or homeschooling, this blog will be of great benefit to you.

As a former principal I also encourage classroom teachers to use my book with their classroom parents to reinforce daily lessons.

Parents are great teachers. So are aunts, uncles and grandparents. If your goal is to turn your child into a capable, confident reader, Reading Champs helps meet your goals and expectations. In upcoming blogs I hope to motivate, inspire you and offer the real deal in reading instruction you can do at home.



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