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02 Feb

  What should kindergarteners know about reading? Dick and Jane taught a lot of kids how to read, even though not every yard had a pony. We’ve come a long way with rich literature and real life writing. But there is a chasm between what kindergarteners know and Common Core ‘K’ Standard, which may surprise you with its rigorous expectations. There are four major standards in this “strand: “Print Concepts, Phonological Awareness, Phonics and Word Recognition and Fluency“. Phew, a lot for…..

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17 Oct

I raised four children (three of them stepchildren), and now I’m a grandma. I just moved from my mountain home to Eugene, Oregon, to be with my kids. In the midst of chaos, I started writing this blog, babysitting a toddler and teaching a third grader. I like to think I am like Cher on her Farewell Tour, and she was great. Many of you probably still remember me from a school visit, seminar, keynote or hanging out with you……

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10 Oct

Welcome. You have come to this blog for a reason, and there’s never been a better time than right now. Maybe you are looking for a way to help someone learn to read more effectively or perhaps the Common Core standards seem unreachable. Whatever the reason, you are in the right place. It’s true there are many how-to-teach-reading titles on the internet. Most of these are strong on theory, which is great if you are a professional teacher. Reading Champs…..

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