20 Apr
America's children from 500 classrooms

America’s children from 500 classrooms

Teaching is the greatest job imaginable! As teachers, at school and home we affect generations of children. All kids learn best differently, yet become capable, confident readers and learners when we make that happen.

Lately I’ve been reading about many teachers wanting to pack up and leave the profession. CoolCat Teacher Vicki Davis, in an eloquent article laments she is tired and shares her exhaustion and concerns about her leadership role mentoring thousands of teachers, online and real time.

My first year as Principal I noticed that some teachers were already starting to pack up and clean out their rooms at this time of year, that is, if not testing. The countdown begins, like an Advent calendar, so many things left to squeeze into the already packed curriculum,  ideas left undone, meetings galore to attend, grading, planning, etc. Stress levels rise.

Principals are finally getting more credit for keeping the “ship afloat”, motivating teachers to want to stay by modeling, mentoring and supporting them. The best Principals are not just building managers, but great leaders, and teachers.

Today I just want to say thank you to ALL teachers for doing the great work you do every day. Please stay. We need you!

This is what people outside classrooms don’t always thank you for:
1. Feeding hungry children from your desks
2. Using new technology at an incredible pace
3. Keeping up with professional development
4. Showing off your students’ successes
5. Meeting varied student needs and interests
6. Working many hours above and beyond what’s required

You inspire me to share what I know from many years of experience. But, YOU are the ones making the big difference every day in small ways you think maybe don’t matter, but you do them anyway. I have profound respect for you.

People are making life altering decisions about what goes on in classrooms without being able to teach, themselves, and I find that very troubling. Great teachers routinely change grade levels, can teach with others or alone, and the best teachers can walk into any classroom, “read the room” and teach that class. What a gift!

Change is the common denominator and teachers are certainly up to the challenge. Lifelong learning is important today, more than ever. Our teachers encourage us all by their continual efforts to make school a safe haven and inspiring children to excellence.

Congratulations, America’s teachers. Bravo. Please stay.

Leaving footprints on your reading hearts,

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