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27 Dec

I am behind on everything, including my literacy blogs. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season. Now that life is slowing down a little, I was so inspired by this article  I have to share it with you. I recently read that worldwide 58 million children are not in school. (UNESCO). Add to that, in our country 51% of public school children live in poverty, many more are on the edge. Poverty matters. For many children it’s no small…..

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10 Aug

 A budding reader is bursting with energy, matching sounds and letters. You’re reading picture books, predictable pattern books, etc. But what happens after that? How do you know what your child’s reading level is? In order to correctly select books, knowing the level is helpful! Independent reading level: With fluent reading, word recognition errors (miscues) don’t exceed more than one per 100 words of text, with 90% or better comprehension. Instructional level: Assistance is needed. Word recognition errors don’t exceed more than five per…..

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