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01 Jun

Data-driven instruction puts a lot of pressure on third graders to be proficient readers. Third grade has traditionally been considered a cut point, meaning until third, students learned to read, then kids read to learn, from then on. I do consider that to be true, based on my experience. However, I have always believed we continue improving our reading all the way through school, and beyond, in adulthood. It’s time to reconsider retention as the correct strategy to remediate children left…..

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02 Mar

It’s so much fun teaching vocabulary and spelling! Add these easy ideas to your teaching toolkit. Have a great time helping your child or students learn new words, then correctly spell them. Vocabulary and spelling go together like peas and carrots! SUREFIRE VOCABULARY BUILDERS AND BOOSTERS:  Teach new words before reading a chapter or book. Look up where the words came from originally (etymology). Make word lists to study as you read a selection. Use new vocabulary in everyday conversation. Easy…..

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