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19 Jul

Childhood is a precious time! Summer is a grand time for relaxation, family trips or mini-vacations. Time to get in the car, drive to cool campgrounds, parks and beaches. Time for play. Time to get into nature and hopefully ‘unplug’. While driving, listen to a story and play old fashioned games instead of your kids turning on electronics.  Road trips can’t be beat for educational mileage. Summer is a time to find seashells and turn branches and blankets into forts. Or use…..

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22 Jun

Childhood is a precious time. What’s the rush? Summer is the perfect time to enjoy reading with your kids for sheer pleasure and enjoyment!  During the extra time of summer break, children read in homemade forts, on blankets, under trees, at the library, bedtime and hopefully with the family before or after dinner. Reading is such a blessing to share with our kids. This is truly the gift of gifts that keeps on giving. Turning off all media for set…..

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