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30 Mar

A is for alphabet! I love teaching the alphabet. So will you.  Here are fun, easy to do activities to help your kids learn the alphabet. A reminder that each letter stands for one or more sounds. I suggest you start with the sounds kids feel vibrating in their throats, such as ‘m’. But there are other simple tricks I want to share with you. This is how I teach the alphabet. There are 4 lowercase letters with tails: y,…..

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08 Dec

Teaching a ‘gap kid’ to read. Today I finally met Luke. His mom brought him over, in this busy season because Luke got all zeroes on his last first grade assessment.  So I’ll walk you through what we did, because something drastic has to happen right now. Can’t wait another day. I need to help this Mom fill in the gaps once I model how to do it. ME- Model Everything. Then, practice makes the learning stick. Taught, today under…..

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