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26 Sep

WHY AMERICANS CAN’T WRITE A stunning article from the Washington Post caught my attention this week. It is a MUST READ. Interesting timing, because lately I’ve been reading that English majors are disappearing and cursive writing is on the wane. Do we really want that? Reading, writing, speaking and listening in a tech balanced language arts program seems pretty obvious, but something’s not right. Did the pendulum swing too far? Why Americans Can’t Write, authored opinion piece by Natalie Wexler shook…..

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25 May

Let’s talk so we can understand each other. I really enjoyed this thoughtful article which I am sharing with you today. What a brave new Common Core world! There are so many educational buzzwords I have trouble understanding them. Maybe you do too. The constant is change; the future is now. Memorial weekend means a lot to us. We all know someone who has sacrificed for our country. My son-in-law was in the navy in Iraq. He is a hero to…..

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