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13 Aug

It’s the perfect time to review basic reading skills. A quick skim of Correcting Your Childs’ Reading Errors and Difficulties this Summer is a helpful start. This post reviews common reading problems, great for K-8, special needs and ELL kids. For example, while reading with your child this summer, did you notice words being added, left out, substituted or guessed? If so, this post is for you! I wrote another blog which will also be very useful: Helping Your Kids Who Didn’t Get It…..

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18 May

This is the time of endings and new beginnings!  Unless you’re teaching year-around, the count down begins. After you’ve had time to relax and rejuvenate, do a little summative, on your own, end of term evaluation. Did you get the results you wanted? What would you do differently? Then take a break! This summer, make time for learning fun! Field trips Arts and crafts Science experiments Thematic projects Exercise Read widely as a family, and self-choice Family literature classics Library…..

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23 Feb

We live in a right handed world. What seems normal to us may present many challenges for lefties who naturally figure out how to compensate and do fine in life. But wouldn’t it be nice if adaptations in our surroundings did not have to be made by lefties? Throughout history great thinkers, artists and performers have been left handed. Recently, post ‘dance party’, we noticed Morgan was having trouble cutting and writing with her right hand, switching back and forth to…..

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