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25 May

Let’s talk so we can understand each other. I really enjoyed this thoughtful article which I am sharing with you today. What a brave new Common Core world! There are so many educational buzzwords I have trouble understanding them. Maybe you do too. The constant is change; the future is now. Memorial weekend means a lot to us. We all know someone who has sacrificed for our country. My son-in-law was in the navy in Iraq. He is a hero to…..

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12 Jan

I was born on Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday. Perhaps that is why I have always had such a strong social conscience.  I’ve been teaching reading nearly my whole life. When I was six, I was dragging neighborhood kids into my “schoolroom.” In addition to teaching in a 9-12 reading lab, Title I teacher, etc. I was also connected to various literacy-related boards and organizations, including school boards, Literacy Volunteers of America, neighborhood study centers, Fantasy Theatre, Harmony Arts, Laubach…..

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