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25 Aug

Here’s how to boost kids’ comprehension. Check out these classroom-perfected success secrets. A big help for Back-To- School gear up! These strategies work with Non-fiction/infotext, a big focus in Common Core. Most kids K-8 benefit from many of my favorite activities. As easy as A B C D E! #Let’s Plain Talk, Together! What really matters to help kids understand what they read?  A. Make Connections. Start by connecting to the prior lesson, as a quick review. Find out what…..

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09 Feb

Children make sense of their expanding world through discovery. Reading opens many doors and is the best play adventure of all. Meeting new friends, taking trips to unusual places, learning about komodo dragons and tiny hamsters are all part of the fun. The joy of reading all kinds of books, including both fiction and non-fiction, is as natural as learning to walk and talk. Comprehension is the goal of reading at all grade levels. Having a purpose gives meaning to…..

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