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26 Oct

Today I am describing basic reading mechanics, as you teach your budding reader. I hope this is helpful! This is a little different than what I have been sharing with you, but it’s still early in the academic year and may be what you are looking for. Emerging readers begin in a print awareness stage. Littles recognize that thought can be written, they look at print- the letters, spaces between words, how to handle books and recognize what a word…..

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11 May

I’m so glad to have such an important guest post from the Irlen Institute! Thank you so much, Sandra and Helen. ___ What happens when you’re told your child has dyslexia, but the months (or years) of tutoring, phonics instruction, and specialized reading programs don’t seem to help? Your child is still struggling. And what do you do when a doctor diagnoses your child with ADHD and prescribes medication, but the medication doesn’t make it better? Educators and medical professionals…..

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