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30 Jun

Today I’m sharing a slightly revised story you may have seen before. It was written by Dr. Robert McNeish in 1972. If not, or as a reminder, I hope you are inspired by this life metaphor, and hopefully pass on this important message. It’s always so beautiful to watch geese flying overhead. Did you ever wonder why they fly in formation? Nature is amazing in its simplicity. Life lessons that make a difference: As each bird flaps its wings, it creates…..

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16 Mar

This is the blog I did not want to write. Why so many tests?  Be sure to read an eloquent post  by Diane Ravitch about saving No Child Left behind after I share a few thoughts. People have never agreed on the best curriculum, pedagogy (methods) and materials. Programs come and go, but skills remain the same. Meanwhile, teachers and principals spend their own money to provide for kids. How did we become a nation of testers instead of learners? Why was…..

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