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02 Mar

It’s so much fun teaching vocabulary and spelling! Add these easy ideas to your teaching toolkit. Have a great time helping your child or students learn new words, then correctly spell them. Vocabulary and spelling go together like peas and carrots! SUREFIRE VOCABULARY BUILDERS AND BOOSTERS:  Teach new words before reading a chapter or book. Look up where the words came from originally (etymology). Make word lists to study as you read a selection. Use new vocabulary in everyday conversation. Easy…..

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09 Feb

Children make sense of their expanding world through discovery. Reading opens many doors and is the best play adventure of all. Meeting new friends, taking trips to unusual places, learning about komodo dragons and tiny hamsters are all part of the fun. The joy of reading all kinds of books, including both fiction and non-fiction, is as natural as learning to walk and talk. Comprehension is the goal of reading at all grade levels. Having a purpose gives meaning to…..

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