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26 Oct

Today I am describing basic reading mechanics, as you teach your budding reader. I hope this is helpful! This is a little different than what I have been sharing with you, but it’s still early in the academic year and may be what you are looking for. Emerging readers begin in a print awareness stage. Littles recognize that thought can be written, they look at print- the letters, spaces between words, how to handle books and recognize what a word…..

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18 Sep

First, a brief historical perspective. Best ways to teach reading to children (and adults) have been debated for over a hundred years. Cracking the code continues to be studied and discussed. I learned to read with Dick and Jane. Technology has vastly improved learning opportunities, but I do not believe in learning to read on a screen. I believe there is no one perfect method, or pedagogy, no one program that teaches everyone to read. Reading programs come and go, skills…..

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23 Feb

We live in a right handed world. What seems normal to us may present many challenges for lefties who naturally figure out how to compensate and do fine in life. But wouldn’t it be nice if adaptations in our surroundings did not have to be made by lefties? Throughout history great thinkers, artists and performers have been left handed. Recently, post ‘dance party’, we noticed Morgan was having trouble cutting and writing with her right hand, switching back and forth to…..

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