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11 May

I’m so glad to have such an important guest post from the Irlen Institute! Thank you so much, Sandra and Helen. ___ What happens when you’re told your child has dyslexia, but the months (or years) of tutoring, phonics instruction, and specialized reading programs don’t seem to help? Your child is still struggling. And what do you do when a doctor diagnoses your child with ADHD and prescribes medication, but the medication doesn’t make it better? Educators and medical professionals…..

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17 Nov

Is it really true that three of five children in any classroom have dyslexia? I read it somewhere the other day, so I’m reviewing recent research, to confirm this, and would like your input. Do you have a child labeled as dyslexic? If so, consider this a gift, a perceptual talent. Your child’s brain works in the same way as great geniuses, thinking mainly in pictures, altering and creating perceptions,  being highly aware of surroundings, and possessing enormous curiosity. Famous…..

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17 Oct

I raised four children (three of them stepchildren), and now I’m a grandma. I just moved from my mountain home to Eugene, Oregon, to be with my kids. In the midst of chaos, I started writing this blog, babysitting a toddler and teaching a third grader. I like to think I am like Cher on her Farewell Tour, and she was great. Many of you probably still remember me from a school visit, seminar, keynote or hanging out with you……

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